Us property in Dubrovnik, Sutjeska National Park, Sarajevo, Bjelašnica
Our Own Accomodation

Dubrovnik, Tjentište, Sarajevo, Bjelašnica...

With over 150 accommodation beds, our offerings include luxurious villas and comfortable apartments located in the most attractive locations, including Dubrovnik, Sutjeska National Park, Sarajevo, and Bjelašnica.
Our portfolio features seven beautiful villas and thirty spacious apartments, providing you with an authentic experience of a comfortable stay in a natural setting. Through our commitment to quality, we ensure that every corner of our accommodation facilities offers the comfort and luxury you deserve.
Our mission is to provide an unforgettable experience for our guests, so we prioritize accommodation in our own properties. Whether you're a fan of the coastal charm of Dubrovnik, the untouched nature of Sutjeska National Park, the vibrant atmosphere of Sarajevo, or the winter magic of Bjelašnica, our own accommodation solutions will give you a home away from home.
In places where we don't have our own accommodation facilities, we collaborate with the best partners to ensure the same level of comfort and quality. Our guests will be accommodated in carefully selected hotels and apartments that reflect the high standards upheld by Outdoor Bosnia.
Welcome to the world of Outdoor Bosnia, where your journey becomes an unforgettable experience. Expect top-notch accommodation, stunning nature, and service that exceeds expectations. Your adventure begins here!